"To the beloved and deplored memory of her who was the inspirer, and in part the author, of all that is best in my writings—the friend and wife whose exalted sense of truth and right was my strongest incitement, and whose approbation was my chief reward—I dedicate this volume. Like all that I have written for many years, it belongs as much to her as to me; but the work as it stands has had, in a very insufficient degree, the inestimable advantage of her revision;…Were I but capable of interpreting to the world one-half the great thoughts and noble feelings which are buried in her grave, I should be the medium of a greater benefit to it, than is ever likely to arise from anything that I can write, unprompted and unassisted by her all but unrivaled wisdom.” 
                  - John Stuart Mill’s dedication to his wife Harriet in ‘On Liberty’, one of the most influential books of all time. Harriet died of tuberculosis while they were in Avignon, France, and was buried there. Before his death 15 years later, Mill requested to be buried next to her and so they are interred together in the Cemetery St. Veran.

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